What is LARG ?

The lobbying Activism & Research Group.

Where You can find us 

At Willowbank Community resource Centre Carland road. 

Who are we ?

As the name suggests  we are a group of people with disabilities who engage in lobbying activism and research around issues that affect us as citizens.Empowering people with disabilities to engage with and influence policy and practice in Northern Ireland. A key part of the LARG work is making sure that we are not only aware of, but actively contribute to consultations and policy changes that impact citizens.We have built up and impressive body of research and information we use to inform our  strategic direction.  Part of our role  is to ensure quality service user input to the new Social worker Degree programme delivered at University of Ulster Jordanstown, University of Ulster Magee, BIFHE ,SWC (South west college). Group members are involved at all levels of the degree programme, from interview, through teaching and module review and evaluation. LARG is represented in their work by Peter Donnelly, Ann McGlone, Seamus McKenna, Graham Moore , Sharon Garland, Marina Sloan, Ian Stafford, Brian Heron, Roisin Monaghan

What we do ?

  • We empower ourselves and each other
  • we influence policy by taking part in and responding to consultations 
  • We meet with elected representatives and public authorities to let them know how their decisions affect us 
  • We influence practice by teaching social work students

When do we meet ?

Wednesdays at Willowbank once a month depending on current issues we may meet more often. 

Why do we do it ?

  • We have a right to have our voices heard 
  • We want to hold people to account
  • We want to learn to develop our skills and confidence 
  • We believe we are experts by experience when it comes to disability 

How do you fit in ?

You could join the group. New members and fresh ideas are always welcome. You could attend some of our events or meetings. 


SHSCT, Mid Ulster Council, STEP, NISCC, QUB and SWC