In order to maintain a healthy life style service users of Willowbank take part in regular exercise programmes to improve their fitness levels. These are developed in conjunction with advice from Physio and OT's and staff are on hand to support each service user with their tailored activity. Regardless of a persons disability or fitness levels there are activities that have been adapted so everyone can get involved.

The service users have a regular booking each Thursday for a Gym session at the Fitness suite in Dungannon Leisure Centre. The group have arranged transport to bring service users and support staff for their weekly workout. Leisure Centre staff carry out an individual induction with each person and agree the activities best suited to the person.

The group have been part of a consultation with Mid Ulster Council in relation to opening hours and are pleased to hear that there are plans to refurbish the Leisure Centre. It is hoped that there will be a greater number of machines that are suitable for people with disabilities.

Programmes of fitness activity are available at Willowbank, Carland Road and [email protected] Junction