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Fundraising is very much a feature of our lives with some 40% of our income derived from fundraising or selling our services. we are grateful for the generosity and support of the people of Dungannon without whom we would probably cease to exist. in this year of uncertainty we are facing into a political storm, what with the absence of the devolved assembly and the very real threat of a no deal Brexit who knows what lies ahead.

We are sure of one thing and that is our need to generate significant amounts of money to cover our running costs and overheads, which have increased with our expansion to The Junction. We are appealing for ideas and volunteers to help us plan and run a series of fundraisers that could potentially become annual events. we need to raise about 40,000 so this will be a mixture of grant applications, corporate sponsorship and direct fundraising whether that's an event, a lottery or a one off. We are also open to accepting donation's if you are interested in our work or perhaps have had a relationship with Willowbank in the past.

If you would be interested in pursuing any of the above please contact us on info[email protected]. or on 02887713053 and ask for Ann or Lisa.

One business that has supported us to carry out essential repair to the Carland Road building was Screwfix who donated a very generous 5000.00 towards this refurbishment. We also received 1000 from The Peter Harrison Foundation.

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Booking for this event has now closed.