My name is Seamus McKenna I am 47 years old and I have been a member of Willowbank for 28 years now. Becoming a member at Willowbank has changed my life for the better. Being a disabled person born in the 70's there was little hope for me. I was sent to a boarding school in Belfast as no local schools could facilitate me as I was a disabled person. This had a huge effect on not only my childhood but on my family's lives and in particular my mother. 

After completing boarding school at the age of 18 I enrolled in Banbridge Tech under the guidance of my mother. It was then that I was introduced to Ann McGlone who arranged for me to join Willowbank and from there my life took a positive turn around. Being at Willowbank gave me a sense of purpose . With Willowbank's help I took part in more education courses and joined many groups . My favourite to date is The Boccia group and in 2018, I won the championship to become all Ireland Champion. I am a member of a team called " Hotwheels" 

When I started at Willowbank I was welcomed with open arms and so was my Mother. My mother went on to become a director. At Willowbank I was treated equally for the first time in my life and received so much support which enabled me to take part in what ever my heart desired.

Some of my most memorable moments to date would be, going to Stormont , Hand gliding, off Road driving and learning to become a gardener to name a few.