My name is Kenny Ferguson and I went to Mitchell House School in Belfast in the 70s, but  didn't it like much as I used to board, since I lived in Dungannon and the school was in Belfast I didn't understand why I wouldn't come home everyday.

Through my school years I was painfully shy but since I turned 16 I seem to have put it behind me.

All my life I wasn't able to do maths and didn't understand them. I felt that it was holding me back, so I finally decided to do something about it so with the help of different teachers I came on, at the end I went to nightschool in Dungannon College to study for my essential maths. I didn't know if it was the right class for me or even if I would stick it out for two years.

It was hard going but I stuck it out until the end with my support worker to take my notes for me. I felt that it was getting a bit easier at time went in with all my hard work I put in week by week, I got my first certificate at the end of my first year and I though I would get 75 in my secord year so I was very happy to get my secord certificate.

It still makes me happy to thing that I have got my two certificates in something that was out of my comfort zone.